Pitchfest Participants Selected


Announcing 33 Lifescience Pitches for Pitchfest!

After reviewing dozens of applicants and presentations, The Office of Cooperative Research has selected 32 pitches to move forward to present their lifesciences project at Pitchfest – a full day of pitches from Yale’s most investable projects. An additional 22 teams were offered posters to showcase their projects at Pitchfest.

We’ve had more applications this year than any year prior, and we’ve seen an overall increase in interest in the program. As a result, the following projects are advancing to Pitch in front of industry leaders at Pitchfest and are eligible to receive up to $300,000 in funding from the Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale.

The Blavatnik Fund is supported by a grant from the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

Jeffrey Bender TargetSite Therapeutics: a miRNA target-based oligonucleotide platform

for treatment of inflammatory disorders

Anton Bennet Targeting MAP Kinase Phosphatases in Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Clemens Bergwitz Enpp1-Fc: A novel medical treatment for nephrocalcinosis/-lithiasis
Pramod Bonde A Breakthrough Mini-Pump that Makes Ventricular Assist Available to the Broader Cardiac Market
Demetrios Braddock A Low nM ENPP1 Inhibitor for Treating Periodontal Disease
Chris Bunick Vimentin and Keratin Targeted Therapies for Treating Dermatologic Cancers
Sidi Chen “Heating Up” Solid Tumors with First-In-Class Cancer Vaccines
Jason Crawford New Drugs for Psoriasis
John Deacon Cytosolix – Improving small molecule therapy through targeted drug delivery to solid tumors.
Barbara Ehrlich A New Target for Wolfram Syndrome
Ya Ha &
Jonathan Ellman
A Novel Chemical Approach to Target p53 Mutation in Human Cancer
Farren Isaacs &
Jesse Reinhart
Stopping aggressive cancers in their tracks: new compounds for new targets
Akiko Iwasaki &
Eric Song
Leveraging meningeal lymphatics to treat brain cancer
William Jorgensen Novel Macrophage Migration Inhibitor Factor Antagonists for Cancer
Naftali Kaminski &
Milica Vukmirovic
Curing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis with Thyroid Hormone Mimetics
Themis Kyriakides &
Aaron Morris
The Matrix Reloaded: Engineering Materials for Hernia Repair
Patty Lee Potent Small Molecule Macrophage Inhibitory Factor as Therapeutics for COPD & Emphysema
Wajahat Mehal &
Caroline Rufo
Curing NASH by Downregulating Inflammation
Andrew Miranker Small Molecules for Inhibiting Toxic Oligomers in Alzheimer’s Disease.
Anna Pyle Targeting the unique features of fungal metabolism for a new generation of nontoxic drugs
Mark Saltzman &
Michael Girardi
Improved intraperitoneal delivery of chemotherapy
Alanna Schepartz Moving therapeutic proteins in the cytosine and nucleus-for real.
Nenad Sestan A Novel Technology for Ex Vivo Research and Drug Development in Postmortem Organs
Stefan Somlo &
Sorin Fedeles
A Novel Approach to Treating ADPKD
David Spiegel Targeted Elimination Platform for Pathogenic Extracellular Proteins
Stephen M.  Strittmatter Alpriant: Protecting Synapses from Alzheimer’s Pathology
Paul Turner Evolution-Proof Therapy Against Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Pathogens with Efflux Pump-Targeting Phage
Anthony van den Pol Eliminating Brain Cancers with an Immune Enhancing Lassa Virus Therapy
Andrew Xiao Developing a New Generation of Anticancer Agents Targeting Recently Discovered N6-Adenine Methylation in DNA
Jiangbing Zhou A Natural Nanoparticle Platform for Drug Delivery to the Brain
Yong Zhu A Novel Platform to Develop piRNA-Based Therapeutics for Cancer Treatment