Billionaire Blavatnik will finance three Russian films

Billionaire Leonard Blavatnik after the success of T-34 decided to continue investing in Russian cinema. The businessman will become a co-producer of three films of the movie company Mars Media, which worked on T-34 and Arrhythmia.

Billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, who has British and US citizenship, will finance Russian cinema: he signed a contract for joint production with the owner of the Mars Media film company Ruben Dishdishyan, businessmen told Vedomosti. According to them, Blavatnik will become a co-producer of three films: the drama “Palm”, the fantastic action game “Peace” and the continuation of the film “Handsfree” with the participation of “Quartet I”. Mars Media and Blavatnik-owned Amedia Production will jointly produce them. The total investment in these pictures will be 700 million rubles. Blavatnik and Dishdishyan will become general producers, they will finance projects on an equal footing.

Mars Media and Amedia Production have been cooperating since 2016. The first feature film they co-produced was T-34, which was released in January. With a production budget of 580 million rubles, the picture raised 2.3 billion rubles at the box office. This was the second result in the history of the Russian film market after “Upward Movement”, which was shot by Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Trite” studio.

The success of the T-34 laid the foundation for plans for co-production and other feature films, Dishdishyan shared. Blavatnik confirmed this. Previously, he financed only foreign films: for example, “Tonya against all”, “Butler” and “Woman in Gold”, write “Vedomosti”. “Investing in Russian cinema is both business and support,” the billionaire said.

“Batch investing is a common practice in Hollywood. And she justifies herself: one successful project can pull out the entire package of projects. For some reason, this practice is not yet very developed in Russia,” commented on the deal between Blavatnik and Dishdishyan, Director General of Kinoekspertiza Oleg Ivanov.

In February, Roman Abramovich F 10 established its Kinoprime Support Fund for Domestic Film Production. As the main activity of the organization, the documents indicate “the provision of other financial services, except insurance and pension services, not included in other groups”. In the first year of its operation, the fund will support 10-15 paintings and invest a total of about 500 million rubles in them, the head of the organization, Anton Malyshev, told Vedomosti. The first project to be rolled out with the support of Kinoprime was the film Text.

Leonard Blavatnik was born in Ukraine and grew up in Moscow. In 2013, he sold his stake in the oil company TNK-BP for $ 7 billion. In the Forbes version of the richest businessmen in the world, Blavatnik is 59th in the ranking, his fortune was $ 17.7 billion when compiling the rating. Until March of this year he was considered the richest Londoner: this title was taken by the co-owner of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman Blavatnik is a friend and business partner of businessman Viktor Vekselberg.