R.G.E. Group Ltd.

Access owns a third of R.G.E. Group Ltd., a privately-held media group based in Israel that specializes in a variety of content and production activities, principally for television. The group’s main assets are Channel 10 (the Israeli free-to-air TV channel), NOGA Communications (www.noga.co.il) and the Sports Channel (www.sport5.co.il). NOGA produces and operates three TV channels in Israel: the Children Channel, one of the most watched channels, with approximately 90% of Israeli children watching regularly; the award-winning Documentary Channel; and an educational channel called Logi, targeting 7- to 12-year-old children). The Sports Channel is Israel’s leading sports channel and produces and broadcasts five sports channels. The top-rated programs broadcasted include “The Champions League Studio,” “The Sports News” and “The Press Stand.” The website is one of the most visited sites in Israel.