R.G.E. Group Ltd.

Access owns a third of R.G.E. Group Ltd., a privately held media group based in Israel that specializes in a variety of content and production activities, principally for television. The group’s main assets are The Sports Channel, NOGA Communications and The Parliament (Knesset) channel. The Sports Channel is Israel’s leading sports channel and produces and broadcasts six sports channels, includes the top-rated Israeli and international sports events and studio programs.  The Sports website is the leading sports website and one of the most visited sites in Israel. The Sports app is the most popular sports app in Israel. NOGA produces and operates three TV channels in Israel: The Kids Channel, the first Israeli channel for kids, Logi channel, an educational channel, and Hero, extreme boys channel.  The Knesset Channel, the official parliament channel, has 24/7 news from the Israeli Parliament, includes Live broadcasts from Knesset sessions and many studio broadcasts.  Access also owns a majority stake in Reshet13, one of the leading broadcasters in Israel.